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Things to remember before doing weave and hair extensions

  If you are a person who thinks that taking motivation from social media platforms and celebrities is a good thing then in someplace you thinking is correct. In reality, there is a lot of people who think exactly like the same and follow what all is been trending. Similarly, weave and hair extensions are a thing that is quite popular nowadays. First of all, you need to understand that what exactly this extension technique is. In this method, the weave hair is applied by moving your original hair into cornrows first.  


Also, they use a needle to thread sew into cornrows; this type of hairstyle is primarily used for the people who are having a thicker hair because it is put on the scalp in this manner only. To complete this process you need to take a break because this process is very long. You need to be patient while this entire process is completing. Sometimes it also put some sort of strain to your scalp because of the way it is tied with your hair. So this shall become some annoying process for you. Therefore the end result is always satisfying. Here are some important things that are very important for you: 


The method of applying  

This method of applying weave and hair extensions is very annoying for someone but for some people, it is a normal procedure. Finally, you need to understand the process through which it is useful for many people. Another important thing is that this complete process is performed by a professional. It is not an easy task for someone to perform this weaving process alone. Therefore this hair arrives in a single piece and using a needle and thread with sew and weave into the cornrows.  


Going for the treatment  

First of all, you need to understand that, if you just had a weave then you need to moisture your scalp frequently at least once in a week. Another thing is that; always use a product for deep conditioning of the scalp. Due to which your scalp will always feel light and fresh. Always remember to wash the hairs with a protein product this will give them strength. Due to this treatment, the damage and injury will be less and the quality of the hair will be good for a long period of time. 


For how much time it can be used  


If you just put a weave and hair extensions then a question will be there in the mind, for how much time I can use it? This is a question which arises for everyone who is going for this extension. Finally, the answer is 4 months. If you want to grow your own hair then you should weave it after every 6 to 8 weeks. Hence this will increase your chance to grow your own original hair. 




Therefore this is some important aspect which is very necessary for a human being to remember while going for a weave and hair extensions. If you follow this instruction and vital Therefor care for your scalp will automatically make things correct for you. 


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